Lift & Repair Complex

Lift & Repair Complex

Lift Complex: Porphyridium Cruentum (red micro algae extract)
The micro algae possesses important surviving strategies against water loss, stress from salt and environmental impacts like UV-rays. This complex offers a smoothing effect, the skin is taut.


Repair Complex: Ceratonia Siliqua (Locust Bean) + Hydrolized Casein
The repair complex offers the eye area an immediate tautening and smoothing effect and leaves a silk-like sensation and a shiny appearance. Lifting Eye Cream is a perfect soothing and anti-aging care, ideal as eye make-up base.


Lipid Barrier Protection: Soybean + Ceramide 2
This complex is a biomimetic lipid which improves the fonction of the skin epidermal lipid moisture barrier. Ceramides are key ingredients of the stratum corneum barrier lipids as they influence water holding capacity of the skin. It maintains skin smoothness and suppleness and enhances moisture level.

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No Paraben

No Animal Derivates

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