Vitamin A – Retinol

Vitamin A – Retinol

Vitamin A is predominantly found in animal products. Only carotenoids are found in plants. These are natural pigments that occur in plants and are known as provitamins. Once they are consumed, they are transformed into retinol in the body. Examples include betacarotene. The body is able to store vitamin A in the liver and to send it to the desired destination when required. However, the transportation of vitamin A is only possible through a certain protein. This protein is formed in the liver and is called RBP (retinol‐binding protein). Thanks to this protein, cells recognise that retinol is present and absorb it. The jobs of vitamin A include aiding growth and the formation of skin cells. Its role as a radical scavenger and in helping to prevent cancer is still a relatively recent but extremely important discovery.

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