Shea Butter

Shea Butter

The high levels of vitamin E, beta-carotene and allantoin are a characteristic of shea butter, their content is between 8 – 11 % and contrasts with the lower levels to be found in olive oil ( 1.2 % ). Shea butter in its pure state remains stable for up to 4 years even in tropical heat. Protects skin from drying out, helps against irritations of skin surface. The fruit of the karite tree, which is also known as the shea tree, contains approximately 50% fat and is a substantial source of the fats used in skin care. By washing and crushing the seeds and boiling them in water, shea oil is created. The shea oil floats on the surface and is skimmed off and refined to produce shea butter. Shea butter is famous for its high proportion of vitamin E, betacarotene and allantoin, with a proportion of between 8% and 11% compared to olive oil with only 1.2%. Shea butter can be stored in its pure state for up to 4 years, even in tropical heat.

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